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MB& F - Legacy Machine Permanent Stainless Steel


Following versions throughout red gold, platinum, white gold or platinum, titanium, yellow gold and caution, MB& F launches a whole new Legacy Machine Perpetual with stainless steel with a striking salmon-coloured dial, a first-of-its-kind collaboration. It is a Swiss brand. luxury replica watches

The LM Perpetual stainless steel watch probably officially be a limited copy, but will be subject to development capacity constraints due to the large complexity of the 581-part clock.

Its 44mm x 17. 5mm scenario inherits the ergonomic rectification buttons MB& F initially introduced in 2020 for the sporty Legacy Machine Everlasting EVO.

Secured by a high-domed sapphire crystal clear with anti-reflective coating to both the sides, the perpetual date complication can be fully loved on the dial-less display underneath the spectacular 14 mm hanging balance wheel, which swivels 18, 000 times on a daily basis ( 2…


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