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Evil West

Evil West was developed by Polish studio Flying Wild Hog, the developer of the Shadow Warrior series. The game's combo system was inspired by the Devil May Cry series, while the third-person perspective and melee combat were inspired by 2018's God of War.[1]

Evil West

The latest project from Flying Wild Hog and Focus Entertainment, this western paranormal adventure showed off its main protagonist and overall visual style in its latest Game Awards trailer. Evil West's hero is an outlaw looking type, with big guns and a bigger attitude, which he uses to tangle against monstrous enemies and other freakish creatures of the undead. While Evil West looks great by its own merits, for those who have been playing games for quite some time, it may seem eerily familiar to an underrated first person shooter from back in the PS2/Xbox generation called Darkwatch.

Enter Darkwatch, hitting consoles in 2005 to favorable reviews, with much of its praise being aimed towards the fun combat mechanics and brooding, gothic style. The game combined western, horror, and steampunk aesthetics to craft a spooky, believable world, which made for an engrossing experience. The campaign followed Jericho Cross after he was turned into a vampire, using his newfound abilities to combat the forces of evil. Levels were vast and varied, with a good pace and extra multiplayer modes for bonus content.

Although Evil West has opted for a third person perspective as opposed to Darkwatch's first person gameplay, the overall style and feel of the project is largely the same. Evil West seems to sport the same "cool" factor that Darkwatch had, using the perfect blend of horror, western and steampunk elements for a unique horror action adventure. Of course, it has been 16 years since Darkwatch hit shelves, and numerous advancements have been made in gaming tech since then, something which is evident from the recent Evil West trailer.

In Evil West, we uproot European vampires and plant them in the old American West. Once we did that, so much of the world grew naturally, and we just had to follow the weeds of our creative guts taking us into beautiful, dark, and unexpected places. The vampires in Evil West have discovered a new and dangerous power, and now the wild west must progress or perish. The response is the lightning-powered gauntlet, developed by the vampire-hunting Rentier Institute, a tool both brutal and elegant. 041b061a72


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