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a lot of these mods (like smithing) are more than 10 years old so it's not as easy to get them anymore. the best thing is to download and use the mod manager (and not get addons that provide mod support). there's no mod tool for skyrim, so you can't create new mods (also, you can't run skyrim's skyrim script extender on a mod). but to use all the mods you need to install them via the launcher, then go to skyrim/data (or mods/addonpatches/whatever) and drag the files to the nexus (or wherever you see them in the launcher). there are also searchable addons for modders to look at and download, or anyone who wants to create their own.

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this is a thread full of love. and a lot of it's love for the simple pc game i played for almost two decades. i'm addicted to crafting, i'm addicted to making mods (including new skills), and i'm addicted to making new stories and worlds in the skyrim engine. good old bethesda, with their 'look, we're doing skyrim already' attitude, have fallen to the trap of raising the expectation of their upcoming project, should they choose to do so, and raising it very high. fans, yes, because they are keen on learning how to make their own mods (for themselves or for others), for creating or enhancing their own experiences, and for making new and interesting things. but for truly epic, world-building epics, there are plenty of other games out there (see: morrowind, star wars, mass effect) and bethesda is giving me no reason to flee to them to get back to the simple joy of building a village from scratch. of course, i'm also addicted to the money: i want to buy even more when i see something i want. a bit of that desperation hopefully makes me a better game developer than if i kept dreaming about sweet, sweet skyrim epics.


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