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your presence is original, intriguing, and imaginative. from an early age, you had a way to express yourself. you always displayed a certain talent or enjoyments which were definitely not related to the family environment. it is on these conditions that your natural vivacity is nourished. certain concepts that you'd not like others to see the other side of may bring you into trouble.

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your devotion to your family is strong, it favours close relations. harmony is something you are prone to, and it is thanks to it that you create a very harmonious and balanced existence. while studying, your family life appears to have represented a kind of refuge. you will be able to keep this up, if you don't deceive yourself about the state of the relationship. you are an independent character, ready to stand up to anyone who upsets the balance you seek so preciously in life.

your interests are diversified. in your leisure time, you practice sports and you are a passionate cyclist, as well as a good swimmer. your instinct will be to embrace new horizons. however, a need for security can be felt. there is a desire to know if there is something to make the interest for your life have been faithfully perpetuated for a long time. it is on these conditions that you sense a promising sign for the future. you could be a real artist or a scientist. by the way, it is on these conditions that your mind may be able to be powerful, if on others, if you are a bit clumsy.

your primary life purpose is to find recognition and knowledge, and to complete the tasks that have been established. it is a direct continuation of the calling from your childhood. you are a curious person, with a strong desire for knowledge and self-improvement. you like to observe people and the world around you. you are quite ready to accept challenges, to create, to conquer, and so on. this fascinating aspect of your personality attracts people. you want to know more and more.


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