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Sam Fender - All Is On My Side (Lyrics)

"Go nuts but look after yourselves" echoed Sam after pausing momentarily to allow medics to enter the mosh pit to rescue a fan. It's safe to say after almost 2 years without live music the atmosphere inside was electric and it didn't falter from the off. Even 300 miles from home and the room was still adorned with Geordie memorabilia as someone in the crowd waved around a vintage Newcastle football jersey much to Sam's pleasure.

Sam Fender - All Is On My Side (Lyrics)

New single Seventeen Going Under proved to be another monster of a live track as it slowly built towards its fiery crescendo. As did it's b-side Howden Aldi Death Queue as arms and legs bounced around in the heated front of house. Returning for the encore with a blisteringly powerful acoustic rendition of Bruce Springsteen's Dancing In The Dark, as quickly as the night begun it rounded up with the towering, stadium-ready Hypersonic Missiles and huge singalong anthem Saturday with its swanky guitars and thumping percussion.

With a second album imminent Sam's setlist will only continue to grow and it won't be long before he's a true force to be reckoned with. All that's left is for you to catch him at an Academy-sized venue before his impending arena residency sets in.

Oh, the night is almost overTake me back to your bedAll is on my side when you're on my sideAnd the time is getting closerTake me back to your bedTake me back to your bedTake me back to your bedTake me back to your bed

But Fender has a lot more to offer than a personal connection. Like strong songs. All have big hooks, and even bigger melodies that sometimes amplify the beauty and sometimes temper the darkness. An incandescent The Borders is the ultimate War On Drugs/Killers mashup, complete with pina-coladas-by-the-poolside sax solo, while All Is On My Side is what a California sunrise might sound like.

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