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Gratis Anime Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon

As office worker and programmer Kobayashi gets ready for work, she is greeted by a large dragon right outside her front door. The dragon immediately transforms into a humanoid girl in a maid outfit, and introduces herself as Tohru. It turns out, that during a drunken excursion into the mountains the night before, Kobayashi had encountered the dragon, who claimed to have come from another world. Subsequently, Kobayashi had removed a holy sword from Tohru's back, earning her gratitude. With Tohru having no place to stay, Kobayashi offers to let the dragon stay at her home and become her personal maid, to which she agrees, having fallen in love with Kobayashi.

Gratis Anime Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon

As evidenced in the manga and anime, Elma is very persistent in that she tries to bring Tohru back to the other world, despite the latter voicing her opinion that she'd rather stay peaceful living with Kobayashi. Even after getting sent to another continent, her persistence shows as she stomps up to Tohru and demands that the other dragon go back to the other world, to which she is then baited off with a bag of cream bread.

What happens when you have a high schooler who is a dragon, a wife who is a dragon, and a working daughter who is a dragon? Family troubles. A story takes place after the anime, NOT THE MANGA, where Hikari Kobayashi is trying to deal with her nearly eighteen-year-old dragon of a child and keep a semi-normal life.


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