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Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards Of 2014

For more information and news from Kelley Blue Book's, visit, follow us on LinkedIn at -blue-book/, Twitter at (or @kelleybluebook), like our page on Facebook at and follow us on Instagram at _com/ (or @kbb_com).

kelley blue book best buy awards of 2014

"It is an honor to receive Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards for four of our core models, all of which are on track to be best-sellers with individual retail car buyers again in 2014," said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of the Honda Division. "This prestigious award from helps current and future buyers with their purchase decision and further solidifies the notion that customers who purchase a Honda are making an all-around smart choice."

About Kelley Blue Book Best Buy AwardsThe Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards are designed to provide a significant service to American new-car buyers by identifying the cream of the crop of all available 2015 model-year vehicles. The all-new awards are the culmination of a year-long regimen of expert vehicle evaluation and testing of nearly every new vehicle available in America, along with analysis of a broad swath of vehicle-related data, including vehicle pricing/transaction prices, 5-Year Cost to Own data (which includes depreciation, insurance, maintenance, financing, fuel, fees and taxes for new cars), consumer reviews and ratings, and vehicle sales/retail sales information. Of more than 300 new-car models available for 2015, Kelley Blue Book's expert editors initially narrowed the field to 49 Best Buy Award Finalists in 12 major vehicle categories, and then spent several weeks testing and evaluating all of the finalists head-to-head to ultimately determine the winners. For more information, visit -news/all-the-latest/best-buy-awards/.

These awards are meant to advise buyers on which vehicles might be among the best out there for them to purchase. In order to make the determination of which vehicles win the awards, experts evaluate and test almost every new vehicle available in the United States. Such evaluation includes the pricing, a five-year cost-to-own analysis, reviews and ratings from consumers, and sales and retail information. KBB narrows the vehicles down to about a few dozen or so and then conducts tests of those vehicles to find the winners of these awards. 041b061a72


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