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[S10E2] Naughty Or Nice

Frank: Someone please tell me how this predator is going to go free.Garett: They have a naughty list. The DA has a list of officers which might be a credibility risk.Frank: I thought it was my job to evaluate the fitness of my officers.

[S10E2] Naughty or Nice

Erin poors herself a drink. She goes to see Frank and tells him Brian Kent is going to trial. Frank is cold towards her. Erin says it shouldn't have come to this. Frank says it won't be the last time if the blacklist stays in place. He says the boycott will go on unless... he hands her something. He says it is the PC's naughty list of ADA's. The DA himself is on it. Erin asks if she is on the list. Frank asks what if she was? He eventually admits she isn't. Erin will tell her boss about the list. She asks if he will destroy his list if she'll destroy hers. Frank says yes. Erin says this time is different. She didn't like the list either, but it isn't her job to correct the DA or undermine him. She had to stand with him. 041b061a72


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