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Cheapest Place To Buy Cricut Explore Air

I would like to get a cutting machine but can only use one hand (a reason for getting a cutting machine!). Obviously that ruled out manual cutting machines hence how I ended up here looking at cricuts as well as Gemini products. Is it possible to set all these three up and use them with one hand? I would love to cut fabric but fear money may be an issue with the explore and maker.

cheapest place to buy cricut explore air

Sorry if I missed any info on this but I mainly want to do stickers and labels and thinner things so I'm thinking the explore BUT I want colored stickers and want to be able to have a machine that prints color and cuts all in one which is why I'm thinking the maker HOWEVER lol, that would mean I would have to buy cricut ink for that particular model right? Is the ink expensive? Is there a generic brand I could buy to save $$$? Does the ink last long? Ink can get get pretty pricey sometimes and esp if it's specific ink..I saw a video where a girl just makes her own on a cannon printer and then uses her cricut to simply cut what came from another machine. Idk lol please help!!!:) oh and great information on both models this was all very helpful:)

These machines cut using software that lets you create, upload, or purchase premade designs. To draw, you can attach a pen instead of a blade. A quick tour of Instagram hashtags (#cricutexploreair2, #cricutmaker3, #silhouettecameo, #silhouettecameo3) shows the wide range of projects that people can do with these machines.

I am in the process of upgrading to cricut explore air only because cricut craft room is going away July 15th. I called customer care and they told me you could not use your cartridges with any of the explore machines because they are all cloud based. I have linked all my cartridges except a few. I would have to use my cricut expression to cut those out manually because they will not work on the explore since they are not linked. I hope this helps. I am so sad to see cricut craft room go away! 041b061a72


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