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Read Death or Glory Online: The Epic Sci-Fi Adventure of Commissar Cain and His Sidekick Jurgen

- What is the premise and setting of Death or Glory? - What are the main themes and characters of the novel? H2: Plot Summary - How does Cain end up behind enemy lines on Perlia? - How does he rally the scattered Imperial forces and fight his way back to safety? - What are the twists and surprises along the way? H2: Analysis - How does Death or Glory compare to the previous novels in the series? - How does Mitchell portray Cain's character and personality? - How does Mitchell balance humor, action, and horror in the novel? H2: Conclusion - What are the strengths and weaknesses of Death or Glory? - What are the main takeaways and messages of the novel? - Who would enjoy reading Death or Glory and why? H2: FAQs - Where can I find Death or Glory in PDF format? - Is Death or Glory a standalone novel or part of a trilogy? - How many novels are there in the Ciaphas Cain series? - Who is Jurgen and what is his role in the novel? - What are Orks and why are they a threat to the Imperium? ## Article with HTML formatting Caiaphas Cain: Death or Glory - A Review of the Fourth Novel in the Popular Warhammer 40k Series

If you are a fan of science fiction, military fiction, or humor, you may have heard of the Ciaphas Cain series by Sandy Mitchell. This series of novels, set in the grimdark future of Warhammer 40k, follows the adventures of Commissar Ciaphas Cain, a reluctant hero who tries to avoid danger but always ends up saving the day. In this article, we will review the fourth novel in the series, Death or Glory, which was first published in 2006. We will explore the premise, plot, characters, themes, and style of this novel, as well as compare it to the previous ones in the series. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about Death or Glory and provide some links where you can find it in PDF format.

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The Ciaphas Cain series is a spin-off of the Warhammer 40k franchise, which is a popular tabletop game, video game, and media franchise created by Games Workshop. The Warhammer 40k universe is a dystopian sci-fi setting where humanity is beset by countless enemies, both alien and demonic, and ruled by a totalitarian regime known as the Imperium of Man. The Imperium relies on its vast armies of soldiers, known as the Imperial Guard, to defend its territories and wage war against its foes.

The protagonist of the Ciaphas Cain series is Commissar Ciaphas Cain, a high-ranking officer in the Imperial Guard who is responsible for maintaining morale and discipline among the troops. However, unlike most commissars, who are ruthless and fanatical enforcers of the Imperial creed, Cain is a self-proclaimed coward who only joined the commissariat to avoid frontline combat. He prefers to stay out of harm's way and enjoy a comfortable life of privilege and prestige. However, due to his luck, charisma, and cunning, he often finds himself in situations where he has to act heroically or risk exposing his true nature. As a result, he has gained a reputation as one of the Imperium's greatest heroes, much to his dismay.

The author of the Ciaphas Cain series is Sandy Mitchell, a pseudonym of Alex Stewart, who has been a full-time writer since the mid-1980s. He has written numerous novels, short stories, and game materials for Games Workshop's Warhammer fantasy and Warhammer 40k lines. He is also known for his work as a scriptwriter for various TV shows and films. He lives in the UK with his wife and daughter.

The fourth novel in the Ciaphas Cain series is Death or Glory, which is a prequel to the events of the first novel, For the Emperor. It chronicles the first major exploit of Cain's career that gained him his unwanted reputation for heroism. It is also the first novel in what may be termed the "Shadowlight Trilogy" in the series, along with Duty Calls and Cain's Last Stand. The novel is set on the planet of Perlia, an industrial world that is under attack by a massive horde of Orks, a race of savage and brutal aliens who live for war. Cain and his loyal aide, Jurgen, a malodorous and dim-witted soldier who carries a hidden secret, are sent to Perlia to reinforce the Imperial garrison. However, things go wrong when their starship is shot down by Ork fighters, and they crash-land behind enemy lines. Alone and without supplies, they have to find a way to survive and reach friendly territory, while rallying the scattered Imperial forces they encounter along the way.

The novel explores the themes of heroism, cowardice, humor, horror, and war in the Warhammer 40k universe. It also features a cast of memorable characters, such as Colonel Kasteen and Major Broklaw, the commanders of Cain's regiment; Amberley Vail, an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos who has a special interest in Cain; Jenit Sulla, a young and eager officer who idolizes Cain; and Gargash Korbul, the Ork warboss who leads the invasion of Perlia.

Plot Summary

The novel begins with an extract from a popular history of the Ork invasion of Perlia, which praises Cain's role in turning the tide of the war. The narrative then switches to Cain's personal memoirs, which are edited by Amberley Vail, who provides footnotes and commentary throughout the novel. Cain reveals that he was not as heroic as the official history claims, and that he only wanted to escape from the Orks and save his own skin.

Cain recounts how he and his regiment were sent to Perlia after clearing a genestealer infestation on Keffia. He was looking forward to a relatively easy assignment, since he expected to be stationed well behind the front lines with his artillery unit. However, as they approached Perlia's orbit, they were ambushed by a swarm of Ork fighters, who managed to breach their ship's hull. Cain and Jurgen managed to escape in an emergency pod, but they were separated from the rest of their regiment. They landed in a remote area of Perlia, where they encountered a group of civilian refugees fleeing from the Orks. Cain decided to join them, hoping to find a way to contact the Imperial forces.

However, along the way, they were attacked by a band of Orks on bikes and buggies. Cain and Jurgen fought back with their lasguns, but they were outnumbered and outgunned. They were saved by a squad of armoured vehicles from the 296th Perlian Armoured Regiment, led by Captain Ruput Skellus. Skellus informed Cain that they were part of a convoy heading to an Imperial stronghold at Fort Dallocort. He also told him that most of Perlia was overrun by Orks, and that communication and transportation were severely disrupted. Cain decided to tag along with Skellus' convoy, hoping to find a way to rejoin his regiment or get off the planet.

The convoy reached Fort Dallocort after several days of travel, during which they faced several Ork attacks and ambushes. Along the way, they also picked up more survivors, including some PDF troopers, some miners from a nearby hive city, and some civilians from a farming village. At Fort Dallocort, Cain met Colonel Kasteen and Major Broklaw, who had also crash-landed on Perlia with part of their regiment. They were relieved to see him alive, but also surprised by his appearance: he had grown a beard, worn a leather jacket and goggles from one of the armoured vehicles, and carried an Ork shoota as a trophy. They also noticed that he had gained the respect and admiration of Skellus' men and the other survivors.

Cain learned that Fort Dallocort was one of the few remaining Imperial strongholds on Perlia, and that it was under siege by Orks. He also learned that there was no way to contact or reach any other Imperial forces on or off the planet. He realized that he was stuck on Perlia for the foreseeable future, unless he could find a way to break through the Ork lines.


Death or Glory is a novel that showcases Mitchell's skill as a writer of humorous and action-packed science fiction. It is also a novel that explores Cain's character and personality, as well as the nature of heroism and cowardice in the Warhammer 40k universe.

Compared to the previous novels in the series, Death or Glory has a more linear and straightforward plot, as it follows Cain's journey from one point to another, without any flashbacks or side stories. However, this does not make it less engaging or exciting, as Mitchell fills the novel with plenty of twists and surprises, such as Cain's encounter with an Inquisitorial agent, his discovery of a hidden Necron tomb, and his confrontation with the Ork warboss. The novel also has a lot of humor and irony, as Cain's attempts to avoid danger often lead him to more trouble, and his actions are often misinterpreted as heroic deeds by others. Mitchell also uses Cain's memoirs and Vail's footnotes to provide commentary and contrast on the events of the novel, as well as to poke fun at some of the tropes and clichés of the Warhammer 40k setting.

Cain's character and personality are also explored in depth in this novel, as we see him in a situation where he has to rely on his own wits and resources, without any support or backup from his regiment or the Imperium. We see how he uses his charm, cunning, and luck to survive and influence others, as well as how he deals with his fears, doubts, and guilt. We also see how he develops a bond with Jurgen, his loyal but simple-minded aide, who is revealed to have a hidden talent that saves Cain's life more than once. We also see how Cain interacts with other characters, such as Skellus, Sulla, Vail, and Korbul, and how he manages to earn their respect and admiration, despite his reluctance and dishonesty.

The novel also explores the theme of heroism and cowardice in the Warhammer 40k universe, where war is constant and brutal, and where survival is often more important than glory. Cain is a character who challenges the conventional notion of heroism, as he is not motivated by duty, honor, or faith, but by self-preservation and comfort. He does not seek glory or fame, but rather tries to avoid them. He does not fight for a cause or a belief, but rather for himself and his friends. He does not inspire others by his courage or charisma, but rather by his luck and cunning. Yet, despite his cowardice and selfishness, he still manages to do heroic deeds, such as saving lives, defeating enemies, and turning the tide of battles. He also shows some signs of compassion, loyalty, and remorse, which suggest that he is not entirely devoid of morals or emotions. The novel raises the question of what makes a hero in a grimdark world: is it one who follows orders and sacrifices himself for a greater good? Or is it one who follows his instincts and survives against all odds?


Death or Glory is a novel that offers a thrilling and humorous adventure in the Warhammer 40k universe. It is a novel that features an unconventional protagonist who defies the expectations of both his allies and enemies. It is a novel that combines action, horror, and comedy in a balanced and entertaining way. It is a novel that appeals to both fans and newcomers of the Warhammer 40k franchise.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Death or Glory and their answers:

Where can I find Death or Glory in PDF format?

  • There are several websites that offer Death or Glory in PDF format for free download or online reading, such as OceanofPDF, Internet Archive, IMSLP, and E-book library. However, these websites may not have the legal rights to distribute the novel, and may contain viruses or malware. The safest and most ethical way to obtain Death or Glory in PDF format is to buy it from an official source, such as Amazon, Audible, or Black Library.

Is Death or Glory a standalone novel or part of a trilogy?

  • Death or Glory is both a standalone novel and part of a trilogy. It can be read and enjoyed on its own, as it has a complete and self-contained plot and does not require any prior knowledge of the Warhammer 40k universe or the Ciaphas Cain series. However, it is also part of a trilogy within the series, along with Duty Calls and Cain's Last Stand, which share some common characters, themes, and plot elements. Reading the trilogy in order can enhance the understanding and appreciation of Death or Glory and its sequel novels.

How many novels are there in the Ciaphas Cain series?

  • There are currently ten novels in the Ciaphas Cain series, plus several short stories and audio dramas. The novels are: For the Emperor, Caves of Ice, The Traitor's Hand, Death or Glory, Duty Calls, Cain's Last Stand, The Emperor's Finest, The Last Ditch, Choose Your Enemies, and The Greater Good. The short stories and audio dramas are collected in three volumes: Hero of the Imperium, Defender of the Imperium, and Saviour of the Imperium.

Who is Jurgen and what is his role in the novel?

  • Jurgen is Cain's aide-de-camp and loyal companion. He is a soldier from Cain's regiment who was assigned to him by Colonel Kasteen after he saved Cain's life on Keffia. He is described as a malodorous and dim-witted man who carries a melta gun and a backpack full of supplies. He is also revealed to have a rare genetic mutation that makes him immune to psychic powers and warp influences. This makes him invaluable to Cain, as he can protect him from psychic attacks and detect hidden enemies. Jurgen is also a source of comic relief in the novel, as he often says or does something stupid or inappropriate.

What are Orks and why are they a threat to the Imperium?

  • Orks are a race of savage and brutal aliens who live for war. They are genetically engineered to be strong, tough, resilient, and aggressive. They have a rudimentary culture based on violence and hierarchy, where the strongest and biggest Orks become leaders and warlords. They also have a latent psychic ability that allows them to manipulate reality according to their beliefs. For example, they believe that red vehicles go faster, so they paint their vehicles red and they actually go faster. Orks are a threat to the Imperium because they are constantly looking for new enemies to fight and new worlds to conquer. They often gather in huge numbers called Waaaghs!, which are unstoppable waves of destruction that can overrun entire sectors of space.

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