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In order to transfer your domain name to Netim, you must disable transfer protections and obtain the authorisation code from your current Registrar.The transfer may take several days.When the transfer is finalised, a year is added to the expiry date of the domain name.

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Some domain names in this extension are premium, which means that they do not have the same value in the eyes of the registry offering them, they may be domain names with few characters, or special terms that are easy to remember. Premium domain names can be registered at a special price.

DNSSEC ensures the authenticity of the DNS response. When your browser tries to reach a website, it communicates a secret authentication key that certifies that the IP address returned is that of the site you wish to reach.

.il is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Israel, administered by the Israel Internet Association and managed by NIC - ISRAEL[permanent dead link], which hosts the DNS root server and manages the Israeli Internet Exchange, that supports IPv4 and IPv6.[3][4]

The .il top-level domain is one of the earliest registered ccTLDs. When Israel registered it, on 24 October 1985,[3] it was the third registration of any ccTLD, after .us[5] and .uk,[6] which were registered earlier that year.

As a more private initiative the top-level domain .קום ("com") was registered by VeriSign in 2016. It has as of 2020 many thousand second-level domains, mostly in Hebrew script, some in Latin script.

A .ac .ad .ae .af .ag .ai .al .am .ao .aq .ar .as .at .au .aw .ax .az B .ba .bb .bd .be .bf .bg .bh .bi .bj .bm .bn .bo .br .bs .bt .bw .by .bz C .ca .cc .cd .cf .cg .ch .ci .ck .cl .cm .cn .co .cr .cu .cv .cw .cx .cy .cz D .de .dj .dk .dm .do .dz E .ec .ee .eg .er .es .et .eu F .fi .fj .fk .fm .fo .fr G .ga .gd .ge .gf .gg .gh .gi .gl .gm .gn .gp .gq .gr .gs .gt .gu .gw .gy H .hk .hm .hn .hr .ht .hu I .id .ie .il .im .in .io .iq .ir .is .it J .je .jm .jo .jp K .ke .kg .kh .ki .km .kn .kp .kr .kw .ky .kz L .la .lb .lc .li .lk .lr .ls .lt .lu .lv .ly M .ma .mc .md .me .mg .mh .mk .ml .mm .mn .mo .mp .mq .mr .ms .mt .mu .mv .mw .mx .my .mz N .na .nc .ne .nf .ng .ni .nl .no .np .nr .nu .nz O .om P .pa .pe .pf .pg .ph .pk .pl .pm .pn .pr .ps .pt .pw .py Q .qa R .re .ro .rs .ru .rw S .sa .sb .sc .sd .se .sg .sh .si .sk .sl .sm .sn .so .sr .ss .st .su .sv .sx .sy .sz T .tc .td .tf .tg .th .tj .tk .tl .tm .tn .to .tr .tt .tv .tw .tz U .ua .ug .uk .us .uy .uz V .va .vc .ve .vg .vi .vn .vu W .wf .ws Y .ye .yt Z .za .zm .zw

.IL is the national country code top level domain for Israeli domain names (ccTLD). The .IL TLD has been active since October 1985 and is administered by ISOC, the Israel Internet Association. The current number of .il domain names registered in ISOC is over 220,000.

Choosing a domain name is an important process with far-reaching consequences for marketing or branding a product, service, identities or icons within the realm of the Internet. Therefore, several questions should be asked prior to choosing a name:

What does the extension represent? Is it a company (.com), organization (.org), or even a museum (.museum)?Does it represent a country, such as Israel (.il)? Will choosing a particular extension assist in branding or enhance its uniqueness?

If your organization or establishment is based in Israel, has a branch in Israel, or is interested in attracting the attention of the local Israeli community, then the .il ccTLD may be the right choice for your domain extension.

Website promotion: Google and other search engines generate the most relevant results for web searches. A website containing the .il extension is much more likely to appear at the top of a search relating to Israel or Israeli products or businesses.

Authenticity: The ccTLD .il is more likely to instill confidence that your product or service is authentically Israeli. Websites containing the .il extension are more likely to be perceived as authentically relating to or affiliated with Israel, Israeli organizations, and local culture and know-how.

ISOC-IL Accredited Registrars for the registration of domain names are private enterprises certified by ISOC-IL as public Domain Registration Service Suppliers, who fulfill the technical, service and legal criteria, determined and regulated by ISOC-IL.

The registration process requires providing the domain name holder details (name, address, e-mail and telephone number), administrative and technical contacts, and the server where the domain is stored.

Websites and email addresses are stored in DNS servers. When the domain names are updated in the DNS servers the domain presents the website content or activate the email mailbox. The holder has the right to choose any hosting service provider or any DNS names service provider.

Registration of a domain with the .il extension is limited from one to two years. When the registration period is about to end, the holder may renew the registration period. Renewal is possible up to 3 months prior to expiration of the registration period.

The site is secure. The https:// ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely.

Selective autophagy is the capture of specific cytosolic contents in double-membrane vesicles that subsequently fuse with the vacuole or lysosome, thereby delivering cargo for degradation. Selective autophagy receptors (SARs) mark the cargo for degradation and, in yeast, recruit Atg11, the scaffolding protein for selective autophagy initiation. The mitochondrial protein Atg32 is the yeast SAR that mediates mitophagy, the selective autophagic capture of mitochondria. Atg11-Atg32 interactions concentrate Atg32 into puncta that are thought to represent sites of mitophagy initiation. However, it is unclear how Atg11 concentrates Atg32 to generate mitophagy initiation sites. We show here that the coiled coil 3 (CC3) domain of Atg11 is required for concentrating Atg32 into puncta. We determined the structure of the majority of the CC3, demonstrating that the CC3 forms a parallel homodimer whose dimer interface is formed by a small number of hydrophobic residues. We further show that the CC3 interface is not required for Atg11 dimerization but is required for shaping Atg32 into functional mitophagy initiation sites and for delivery of mitochondria to the vacuole. Our findings suggest that Atg11 self-interactions help concentrate SARs as a necessary precondition for cargo capture.

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Register your .IL domains in Israel. Please enter in our .IL domain search engine the term that you wish to register. If your .IL domain is available you will need to fill up a simple order form. Together with the registration of your domain, you may use our free of charge servers for web forwarding or email account configuration. Alternatively, you have the possibility of requesting a Hosting plan together with the purchase of your domain, or after. Payment options are: Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Deposit. 041b061a72


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