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How to Enjoy Beauty and the Beast in 720p HD Quality on Any Device

The main metagame is clearly a battle for power. The game, however, through the introduction of several major innovations, challenges the established gameplay convention. Most importantly, the fight for power affects its players in several ways. First of all, the dynamic of the game is defined by the choice of the player's relation to the world of The Witcher. Apart from the various political options, which are shaped by the players' relation to the surroundings and the cultural background, the player is confronted with choices that directly impact the very possibility of playing. In short, every choice is rooted in a reality: the choice to fight and beat the monsters; the choice to trust the representative of the law; or, to sell one's soul to the devil in return for power.

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As explained in the opening chapter, the video game genre, as a successful genre, is a mode of action based on the facilitation of the active performance of players. With respect to such an active engagement, the game's narrative is prepared in two ways. First, there is a mythical quality to the story, in which certain players will undoubtedly identify. Second, the game's narrative is crucially impacted by the players' involvement in the narrative. In The Witcher, the myths are shaped by an extraordinary understanding of Polish traditions. Players are most strongly attuned to the myths and stories that reflect and promote the historical tensions and conflicts of the Polish society of that time period. There are several factors that contribute to the complexity of the game. It is worth recalling the First Polish Republic faced two major challenges. Firstly, ethnic tensions between the European and the indigenous Poles. Secondly, the country's transition from a country of freedom to a state within a hereditary empire, which again had a historical background. These tensions are, most of all, reflected in the myth of the Lich. It is a legend of the mythical order of the warrior souls, which broke the Grg Lands and created the world. It is a myth of the clash of power and the struggle for legitimacy between the royal house of the Grg Lands and the Polish king. Finally, it is a myth of the fight between the young and the old of the Polish society. The Witcher 2 brings both the Lich and the struggle between old and young myths to the foreground and it clearly places them in the context of the First Polish Republic ( Bukala et al, 2001 ).


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