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I7 950 Overclock Software Download

Also, it is very important that you use memory that is listed in the SaberTooth's Qualified Vendor List, that is in the manual or can be downloaded from the support page for this 'board. Do you really need to use 24GB of memory? What are you running that needs that much memory?

I7 950 Overclock Software Download

I know i'de be expecting way too much for my i7 temperatures to be around the same as my Core2Quad's, as i know the i7 chips run hotter than the Core2 chips. But even i know that these temperatures, especially as my CPU is not overclocked, are quite high.

I'm startled that Intel ships this chip with this fan - even with the after market water cooled H50 I'm not seeing any headroom for overclocking. And this is in the Cooler Master High Air Flow 922 - a case that does a great job of moving cooling air through and out.

While the stock Intel CPU cooler cannot match the performance of the high-performance after-market coolers, consider how often it is that you see loads on your CPU like Prime 95 produces. Most likely you don't, and any i7-9xx CPU living in an office PC doesn't either. Even if a processing situation occurs that takes the CPU up to 50% or more, it likely won't last long. That is why the stock cooler works fine, particularly when the CPU is not overclocked and all the power saving functions like EIST and C-States are enabled.

So the temps I see in Prime 95, etc, do not bother me, since that is the only time I see them. I would be interested to learn what programs or tasks anybody executes that do take an i7-9xx CPU up to 90% CPU usage, since I've never done that myself. Of course, overclocking is another situation entirely, and the stock Intel cooler is not designed to deal with that whatsoever.

Hi...In relation to your after party or third party cpu cooler,maybe you should try Thermalright Ultra 120 with at least one 120mm fan...Yes it is an air cpu cooler and it works...I have a GA-X58UD4 gigabyte mainboard and I have not even overclocked it yet...I just use it for mild gaming,watching Blueray movies,playing Hoyles Board & Card games and other uses,but it has been turned on for over 24 hours and I have never seen it much more then 35 to 37 degrees celcius at any time (Intel mailto:965@3.2 965@3.2GHz boxed product which is left at stock settings,all within a well ventilated with heaps of fans Thermaltake Kandalf Case with Blue light at front)...Try this cpu cooler instead and you will be amazed...I have had a water cooler at one time and which I still have,but it is left aside for some other time(Thermaltake Bigwater 760 is)...These water coolers soon acumalate sediments and other stuff from corosion,I did use anti-corosive and anti-heat liquid products that they recomend...I'm telling you the truth these Thermalright Ultra 120 cpu air coolers are better then what you have,the Corsair H50 water cooler and quite a few others also...You should try it,if you can still see it for sale around...

Also, the fan speed control of the H50's fans is very important. I've never owned one, but from what I've read they are not PWM controlled, thus no automatic speed control. Of course their speed can be controlled via software or the BIOS, but that is up to the user. The mounting of the water block on the CPU is important as well as correctly applied thermal compound. So while liquid CPU cooling has great potential, it still must be set up correctly. IMO, the mounting and ventilation of the radiator is critical for best performance. With standard air cooled CPU coolers, the case ventilation system is more helpful in general than with liquid cooling radiators, IMO.

Troy, if you read many of the after market CPU cooler reviews on PC hardware review web sites, which will test the coolers at close to or at 100% load, they compare them with the stock Intel CPU cooler. The usual result is a temp of 90C for the stock Intel cooler at 100% CPU usage. That is very standard and normal. Don't forget that those 100% load situations are caused by special programs designed to fully load a CPU non-stop, which is not how most software acts at all. Intel's stance is that long term CPU usage at 90 to 100% in i7-900 products is unusual, which IMO is true. Video converting causes high CPU usage as you have seen, so you will either need to live with those temperatures, or add more cooling.

(and to make parsec happy) Some after market CPU coolers will get you better cooling, but for most applications, the stock Heatsink should keep you clear of the Thermal throttle temperatures. If your are overclocking, after market is the better way to go.

Without resorting to anything more extreme than air-cooling, we were able to overclock the Core i7 980X Extreme by 30% to very remarkable 4.32GHz. This was achieved by increasing the voltage to 1.345v, the base clock to 160MHz, and the multiplier to x27. Cooling the beast was the Prolimatech Mega Shadow, while the motherboard of choice was our year and a half old Asus P6T Deluxe.

Far Cry 2 also produced steady gains when overclocking from 3.33GHz to 4.32GHz, as the 1024x768 resolution performance was increased by 10%. Although the Intel Core i7 980X Extreme was also faster than every other processor tested at 1920x1200, here the difference was much less noticeable.

TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress saw an impressive 17% performance increase when overclocking the Intel Core i7 980X Extreme processor to 4.32GHz, improving the conversion time from 6:44 to just 5:34 minutes. This is about 42% faster than it took the Core i7 920 to complete the same task, 34% faster than the Core i7 950 and 27% faster than the 975 EE.

That's a pretty open question :-). I have a ton of software. Themachine is on an ASUS Rampage III Extreme mobo which includes anumber of tech utilities.... Anyplace I should start looking? Iturned pretty much everything off...

I am too getting the same error at the same test point. This ison a Windows 7 machine. It is the case that I have it overclocked.I will possibly reset to baseline and try again, but I don't knowwhy I should have to do that (overclocking is what gives me a bitbetter performance)

Internal Timer Error for me too. I'm on a brand new install ofWin 7, fully updated, with a Gigabyte Z68M board and the Intel i7260, no overclock whatsoever, nor any manufacturer overclockutilities installed! Feel free to send me the diagnostics to helptroubleshoot!

Geekbench 2.3.4 was released today which should fix some of thetimer errors people on this thread have been experiencing. Couldyou downloadGeekbench 2.3.4 and let me know if you're still experiencingthe error?

Hi John,Just ran the test, it failed proclaiming the above timerdisrepancy, undid my overclock (seeing how the disrepancy matchedmy software fsb OC perfectly), then pressed "run benchmark"again... It finished and popped up the score. Sadly, my score isincorrectly added to the database, seeing how that score says itcomes from the overclocked system, while it does not.Two things, I'm sad that it fails while software overclocked, andwould love to see that fixed (ps: the elapsed timer seems to matchthe hi-res one, and not actual human time), and, I'd appreciate itif there was a message stating that the system information is onlychecked at launch, and will be uploaded as such, so any changes inthose details made while GeekBench is runnning will enableincorrect results to be uploaded (yet the proper solution would beto update those system information details after the user hasclicked 'start benchmark').

The ASUS P8P67 EVO is an EVOlutionary leap over previous motherboards, and introduces several new features such as the long-awaited UEFI to replace the traditional BIOS, DIGI+ VRM digital power management, Bluetooth remote overclocking control, and ASUS HyperDuo technology that combines a HDD with SSD to create a hybrid storage drive. Despite its many new features, the ASUS P8P67 EVO motherboard is only one half of the equation. Designed as the performance platform for mainstream enthusiasts, the P67 series unlocks and multiplies performance with Intel Core-i3/i5/i7 'Sandy Bridge' processors. In this article, Benchmark Reviews will explore the ASUS P8P67 EVO motherboard and test its overclocking limits with the unlocked Sandy Bridge Intel Core i7-2600K CPU.

There are two sides to the Sandy Bridge story: those that demonstrate how well this new Intel processor overclocks, and others that discuss how well the new motherboards harness its overclocking power. Benchmark Reviews has separately published our results of the Intel Core i7-2600K and Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge CPUs, allowing us to focus directly on manufacturer-specific features introduced by ASUS for their P8P67 series in this article. Intel has added native SATA 6Gb/s storage support on all LGA1155 motherboards, which ASUS further enhances with several newly introduced features:

Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture further extends Moore's Law by packing more transistors into a smaller space. This allows for improvements to the micro-operations cache that enables better efficiency and greater power savings. In benchmarks this adds up to a significant increase over previous architectures, but in terms of real-world performance the average user won't see a dramatic difference in their daily computing experience. Intel's 'K' series processors will offer a completely-unlocked product for overclocking enthusiasts, while the others can still manipulate the maximum Turbo Boost delivered to one CPU core.

With DIGI+ VRM configured with Fixed Frequency Mode, the motherboard allows for greater overclocking potential as the frequency increases towards 500k Hz (in precise 10k Hz increments). The precision power management allows for longer lasting electronics, better component durability, and a more controlled overclocking environment. Gone are the days when 1.50V meant that your hardware actually received +/- 0.025 volts (or worse), now the requested voltage setting correctly delivers exactly the right amount of power assigned. This becomes especially handy with ASUS Probe II (an AI Suite II component), which allows users to specify exact operating limits for their projects.


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