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Scary Teacher 3D: How to Download and Install the Old Version on Android

Miss T is a sadistic teacher who tortures her students, also tortures animals and has even killed some people, such as her Ex-husband Sam. In the game, we will have to enter stealthily to Miss T's house to play tricks on her and teach her a lesson

scary teacher 3d apk old version

Sneak into the house of the evil teacherScary Teacher 3D is great for gamers of all ages, there are no too scary and terrifying scenes, but it is important not to get caught by the teacher, otherwise you will be in trouble. This quest is quite difficult, as it is divided into levels and all actions take place in an interactive house full of secrets. It will be difficult for you, but equally exciting. Your school is taught by a vicious and vile teacher who mocks children, is rude to them and even uses physical force. But recently, she moved into the house next door to the main character you will play as. Now you have a chance to sneak into the house and take revenge on the evil teacher.

Large open world and interactive houseA large house has been prepared for you, consisting of 15 rooms, each of which represents a pretty difficult puzzle. Mysteries lurk everywhere and the further you go, the more new terrifying secrets you will lea about your teacher. The most unexpected is waiting for you in the basement, do you have the courage to go down there? Add tons of chili to the teacher's pizza, set fire to important papers, put a needle on the sofa, and also build traps. Try not to catch the eye of the teacher, solve puzzles, free imprisoned animals and avenge your classmates.


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